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Building inclusivity is among the biggest priorities for businesses across the world. Companies that are more gender diverse outperform others by 21%, and this figure jumps to 33% when factoring in ethnic diversity.

Diversity within the workplace transcends gender and race, with age, disability and sexual orientation playing essential parts in creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels able to contribute.

At Armstrong Craven, we’ve developed this hub to help HR Directors and Talent Leaders access our vast range of diversity and inclusion resources. Here you'll find industry insights, expert opinions and in-depth whitepapers highlighting how the professionals around the world are addressing the push for diversity.

Discover how we help businesses with Diversity Planning

"63% of senior talent leaders identified diversity & inclusion as one of the main challenges for their business"

- Armstrong Craven Talent Storm Infographic

Diversity & Inclusion Resources

How we support businesses with Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Planning

We help you establish strategies and relationships to create a truly equal workforce. Our work builds unique talent intelligence, giving you valuable insights into your market, competition, and candidates.

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Workforce Planning

By starting with talent intelligence to inform workforce planning, and achieving those plans with talent mapping and pipelining, we can help you bridge the gap between the present and the future.

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Access the Armstrong Craven Review Vol. 9

The Review is read by over 10,000 HR and Talent Acquisition leaders globally and highlights key trends in HR and Talent Acquisition. Volume 9 of the Armstrong Craven Review examines how global events have caused businesses to rethink leadership and talent strategy. The review analyses how organisations must face tensions for successful talent planning. We ask what’s next for EVP? Before exploring the impact of menopause on female leadership and discovering how to succeed in confronting imposter syndrome.