Social Mobility

Helping talent from all backgrounds build successful careers, and businesses to access new talent pools.

Organisations need to embrace talent from all social classes to achieve true diversity, equity and inclusion.

The impact of Social Mobility on DE&I

Businesses can improve workforce diversity by utilising knowledge and research on social mobility, enabling access to untapped talent pools. It is widely accepted that some talent populations have greater access to career opportunities because of their education and family networks. This impacts representation, especially when the problem is exacerbated by organisations targeting a narrowly defined talent cohort from particular universities or backgrounds.

To effectively tackle this issue HR and talent teams need actionable insights to allow them to develop and implement practical solutions. Our expert team evaluates social mobility factors to identify emerging talent pools for your hiring managers to explore. We locate talent, and then provide deeper insight, taking the time to understand the motivations, aspirations and behaviours of individual talent cohorts. This information can then be objectively assessed and current hiring practices challenged to ensure the best potential talent is hired from the widest possible range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Partnering with your talent acquisition teams, we help underrepresented groups from disadvantaged portions of society enter the workforce and build successful careers within your business.

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Why Social Mobility should be a priority.

Opportunity to give back whilst improving your business
Identifying talent from underrepresented groups or less advantaged portions of society allows a fresh wave of talent to enter the workforce.

Improve customer reach
By having a more diverse workforce, you are able to get closer to your customer base by ensuring your workforce better reflects and understands it. 

Understand talent motivations
Create an environment where talent from disadvantaged or underrepresented populations are welcomed and can thrive.

Accessing a wider talent pool
As competition for talent continues to soar, tap into new talent pools; thinking about transferable skills and potential. 

Social Mobility research at Armstrong Craven

How We Help

We’re experts in sourcing talent, assessing new and different talent pools, and providing talent demographic research. We want to use our global reach to help improve representation, by including individuals from different backgrounds during our talent mapping and engagement processes.

We recognise that many hiring managers are under pressure to improve diversity and so, organisations need to embrace a wider population of underrepresented talent to achieve true diversity, equity and inclusion.

working alongside leading TA & HR professionals

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If you want to learn a little more about what we do and how talent research can help you make better-informed business decisions, our team of talent research and consulting specialists are happy to help.

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