Project RPO

Fully outsourced hiring for scarce and senior talent at scale.

In the same way clients are using Talent Sourcing to provide a solution to finding and engaging with scarce and senior talent at scale, those with less developed Talent Acquisition teams are turning to fully outsourced projects to hire these most challenging talent cohorts as the talent market remains incredibly competitive for certain skills and experience.

How we help

At Armstrong Craven, we have always provided flexible solutions to support our clients. We are able to take full responsibility for hiring niche (Project RPO) and senior (Executive RPO) talent using our highly experienced research and talent sourcing teams, many of whom have 10+ years of sourcing and executive search experience.

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This breadth of experience across the whole recruiting lifecycle allows us to partner with In-house Executive search teams, TA teams or HR leaders to help solve their most challenging hiring problems.

We provide a fully outsourced service, ensuring you can make the specialist and senior hires that your business needs in an ever more competitive talent market. We allow you to focus on business priorities without worrying about leadership risk, succession planning or identifying hard-to-find talent.

Our Project RPO service provides clients with a flexible and scalable service to meet their requirements for scarce and senior talent. Offering an end-to-end solution for hiring or a more tailored approach to support your internal team, we complement your existing talent acquisition and executive search teams with an approach that fully aligns with your internal processes. 

Project RPO is an adaptable service that can help free capacity, allow you to hire confidentiality or enhance your capability. It is a bespoke service that is different to traditional RPO. We allocate flexible and highly experienced researchers, talent sourcers or recruiters as required, meaning we can completely manage peaks in hiring on your behalf, placing the exact number of people you need, exactly when you need them.

The benefits of Project RPO

Our Project and Executive RPO projects deliver a talent pipeline filled with the most in-demand talent and ensure that you are able to hire the best possible people for your niche or senior roles. 

By mobilising a highly experienced team we can identify and engage with even the most in-demand skills and senior talent. These projects require a skill and depth of candidate engagement that traditional RPOs cannot deliver.  At Armstrong Craven we will also provide you with deep and granular feedback from the talent we speak to, helping you understand their drivers and motivations, which will help you finesse your talent attraction strategies and improve the rate of acceptance from the most in-demand talent.

Our Project RPO service can be fully mobilised in 6-8 weeks, and we are so confident in our team that we do not charge implementation fees and all of our contracts offer a 30-day notice period.

Why choose Armstrong Craven

We are a genuine partner and want you to get the most from our relationship, offering systematic views of the marketplace and giving full access to all mapping data generated by our talent insight team. We also look at how you’re perceived and positioned, searching beyond the typical talent pool to discover the most suitable candidates and give you the best chance to attract diverse talent.

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