Talent Mapping

Get a comprehensive view of the current talent landscape.

Our talent mapping service systematically identifies all relevant talent to give you access to the broadest pool of talent available, regardless of whether they are actively looking for a new job. Our unparalleled methodology provides valuable insights which can be integrated into your ongoing talent strategies, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive organisational success.

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Why use Talent Mapping?

Talent Mapping is the critical first step in identifying talent for scarce, in-demand, and senior positions. A research-driven approach allows us to identify the best-fit individuals, not just the most convenient or obvious. 

Access to a robust talent map allows internal TA teams to focus on what they should be doing - engaging with passive talent and building relationships that result in great hires.

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Our Talent Mapping Approach

Our dedicated Insight & Talent Analytics team uses world-leading ML-enabled research techniques to systematically identify individuals with the relevant qualifications and experience.

Talent mapping identifies profiles of potential candidates for your talent acquisition team to contact, engage and assess.

The talent mapping process includes looking at your competitors and related organisations before identifying relevant people within them. We go beyond identification and build detailed profiles on the individuals we discover to give your internal talent team a head start in their approaches.

Talent mapping can help quantify a particular market, allowing you to understand talent demographics and answer questions such as:

  • Where is the talent we need? How prevalent is it?
  • Who is employing the talent we want?
  • How diverse is the talent pool?

Full data ownership allows for future hires without incurring additional costs. With Armstrong Craven, you have the freedom and flexibility to scale your talent acquisition efforts in the most cost-effective way.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is always at the forefront of our work, and through our rigorous methodologies and 15+ years of experience in diversity hiring, we will ensure that all diverse talent is identified, aligning with your specific objectives.

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