Organisation Design

Using competitor, structural and role benchmarking to inform your organisation design.

We conduct extensive competitor benchmarking to help you understand the benefits, pitfalls and trends in organisational and role design to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors and your organisation is future-fit.

Getting organisational design right.

Businesses need to evaluate their organisational structure in response to transformation and change. People determine whether change management succeeds or fails, and HR leaders need to ensure they are well informed to advise the leadership team and support the decision making process.

Accurate data on competitors' teams, functions, or leadership structure can be used to help define how and where functions should be structured. This could be geographically, functionally, or by product or service line.

We can provide confidential insights into the detailed organisational structure and operations of other companies. As a result of this research, your HR leaders can make well-informed restructuring decisions about the best way to set up your teams for success.

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Organisational Design insights support many business objectives;

  • Growth.
    Business structure is critical to enable business growth and changes may be required as a result of significant changes to the business strategy. 
  • Transformation & Change.
    Digital transformation is one of the biggest drivers for an organisational restructure.
  • M&A Activity.
    When looking to sell part of a business, or integrate a new business into existing operations, assessing the current structure’s suitability is vital for success.
  • Leadership.
    As business evolves the skills required from leaders also change, bringing new roles into the Boardroom. Understanding how your competitors are developing their leadership teams can be vital.

How We Work

We're experts in data-led research.

Our approach is simple yet effective. We provide confidential and bespoke research projects for global businesses, partner with their talent acquisition teams, and deliver thorough organisation research. 

Our research is tailored to your individual business needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we could assist with insight into competitor organisation structures, either for specific teams or at an organisational level. As a research-led provider, we have various insights already available through our white papers & resources.

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