Leadership Risk & Succession

We help business leaders to effectively plan for the future success of their leadership team.

Understanding leadership risk and predicting the leadership skills of the future is an essential insight tool for CEOs to manage and implement their business strategies.

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Leadership Risk should be on your Risk Committee agenda.

Most annual reports describe the central role that people play in making the company a success. However, very few Risk Committees spend the same amount of time considering their people risk. Why is that?

Benchmark your leadership team

Whether it is a lack of willingness from existing leaders to advocate those who might ultimately take their roles, complacency about the current team or market, or more likely a lack of reliable data to present to the Committee, this is a fundamental problem that Armstrong Craven are helping CHROs to overcome.

Recent global shocks have highlighted the need for new skills in leadership. This includes new skills being sought in the Boardroom as digitisation has impacted sectors in new ways, an ever-increasing focus on improving representation, and replacing leaders whose management styles have been shown to be outdated and incompatible with hybrid working.

Almost every organisation now needs to have different people in their leadership team, with new skills and the ability to react to and navigate through change.

We help people leaders pinpoint those senior roles most at risk, and work with them to identify and socialise the talent that will help them manage any upcoming leadership changes smoothly, leaving them with an enhanced, not weakened executive team.

How Can Leadership Risk Management Future-Proof My Business?

Allows you to identify potential flight risks that may threaten your business’s success 

This includes identifying notoriously scarce or unresponsive talent cohorts or highlighting potential gaps in leadership due to retirement, replacement or growth. Allowing you to begin identifying and engaging with potential successors early means you’re more likely to find the best candidate.

Enables you to implement solutions before problems occur

Solutions such as leadership talent mapping and pipelining, and socialisation of that talent ahead of need help effectively manage risk.

Contributes to improving leadership representation

By understanding the make-up of the external talent aligned to current and future leadership roles, efforts to improve representation can be focused on the roles with the greatest volume of qualified diverse talent.

Ensures your people strategies are in line with your business objectives

Understanding the external leadership talent landscape helps directors to make decisions and chart the direction of their business with confidence.

Calculate Your Leadership Risk

A company’s greatest asset is its people, use our diagnostic tool to analyse the leaders within your business and get the priorities to mitigate the risk of them leaving.

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